User Guide for Transfer

Instructions on how to send a .xrp domain name to someone.

For the sender

Step 1: Owners need to click the "Send Domain" button below the image of each .xrp domain name.

Step 2: In the pop-up window, you need to enter the recipient's wallet address or the .xrp domain name and press the "Transfer Now" button, wait for a moment and sign the "NFTokenCreateOffer" transaction sent to your Xumm wallet.

Step 3: The sending domain will show up in the "Outgoing Domains" section, you need to notify the recipient to "Accept" it. You can also "Cannel" in case of confusion.

For the recipient

Go to, connect Xumm wallet. You will see the .xrp domain name in the "Incoming Domains" section. You need to press the "Accept" button and sign a transaction "NFTokenAcceptOffer" sent to your Xumm wallet.

Then you check the domain you just received is in the "You have x domains" section.

Note: if the .xrp domain name is not received, please contact the sender to make sure the domain name has not expired, has not been canceled etc.

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