XRP Domains: Clarifying Community Concerns

The Web3 domain is still in its early phase, with multiple projects participating together, making it challenging for users to determine which domain project best fits their needs. As a result, our focus during this time is solely on building our product and community, and we do not wish to spend time explaining the superiority of our domain project. However, although we have already participated in two Twitter spaces and an AMA, our team continues to receive numerous inquiries from interested parties. Therefore, through this article, XRP Domains aims to provide greater clarity and insight into our project.

XRP Domains is a project with a team consisting of experienced individuals from both Web2 and Web3. However, the team continuously learns from successful open-source Web3 domain projects such as ENS and Unstoppable Domains, which publicly disclose their technical information. In the same vein, the XRP Domains project also publicly discloses our technical information for other projects to reference.

Although several other xrp domain projects may exist, none of them have published technical documentation. Furthermore, they can only run on the Testnet after we publish our technical information.

Our project has a detailed roadmap, and we are following it closely.

The XRP Domains project has already achieved recognition of Ripple Dev team by receiving the Award of XRPL Hackathon. This achievement is a first among domain name projects on XRPL. The Ripple Dev team has also tweeted about the prize, acknowledging our project's efforts. With us, XRP Domains is not only our project, but it is also a product of the XRPL platform and community. Therefore, XRP Domains will build our project not only for us but also for the reputation of the XRPL Community.

One of the strengths of XRP Domains' project is our pricing policy, which maintains a one-time payment policy without requiring annual renewal fees. This means users will not have to pay additional fees to maintain their domain names. We believe that this is one of the strengths of Web3, and users should have the most optimal values when using web3 domains. To cover operating expenses, the team has prepared different business models, such as building applications using Web3 domains as the foundation. Since web3 domains are decentralized identities, we can create new business opportunities for everyone who has an identity on the blockchain.

To remain competitive in the dynamic landscape of Web3, XRP Domains focuses on innovation and constantly updates the domain features to keep up with the latest trends in the blockchain and domain name industries. We recognize that a domain alone will not hold much value if it's not integrated with third-party applications. That's why we will also have Web3-Profiles, Web3-Mail, Web3-Shop, and more, offering additional value to users who hold and use their domain.

Finally, the XRP Domain acknowledges that multiple projects can offer the same domain name. This is a big concern for everyone and XRP Domains is trying to address it.

XRP Domain is a member of XDCDomains and XDCDomains has officially joined the Web3 Domain Alliance along with other domain name registrars. This alliance aims to protect our .xdc, xrp domains and also help spread Web3 domains to the community.

XRP Domains is dedicated to building a highly competitive blockchain domain project for the Web3 community. By prioritizing user experience, forging strong partnerships, driving innovation, ensuring security, and fostering community growth, XRP Domains is determined to deliver a domain that fully satisfies the requirements of the XRPL Community and earns your trust.

Best regards!

XRP Domains Team

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