• Join XDC Web3Domains LaunchPad Program.

  • Join & Win at "XRPL Hackathon: NFT Launch Party".

  • Build Community Program with

  • Launch Testnet Program: Join to get early buy offer & discount.

  • Launch Mainnet Program: Pre-Registration & Public Registration.

  • Launch Web3 Profile:

  • Applying to XRPL Grants Wave 5.

  • List XRP Domains on makerplace.


  • Launch Web3 Profile V2: XRP Domains Holders will have a web3 profile like this:

  • Launch SDK & API and documentation for integration.

  • Launch (Twitter & Telegram) Bot: Alert new registrations & sales of XRP Domains.

  • Launch Features: set nft avatar, social links, transfer domains, sub-domains.

  • Launch Referral Program (Earn up to 50% of revenue).

  • Integration with wallets, explorers, dapps and third party apps.


  • Community building: Discord, Telegram, Instagram etc.

  • Launch Sub-Domains program: The main domain owner sets prices & sells sub-domains.

  • Join the Web3 Domains Alliance: With many large domain name projects.

  • Launch browser extension: Chrome, Firefox extension allows easy integration of your name with Web3 platform.

  • Build Web3 dApps: web3 alert, web3 track3 etc.


  • Re-Design Website & Dashboard:

  • Launch Bridge XRP Domains between XRPL & Slidechain EVM.

  • Launch Web3-Shop: Web3 store similar to Shopify for XRP Domains.

  • Launch Web3-Mail: Decentralized Web3 email, Decentralized, Full control, Self-sovereign & Security.

  • Launch DAO Program: The official launch of the XRP Domains DAO.

  • Airdrop DAO Token for XRP Domains holders.

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